The Coconino Cowboys are a bunch reckless runners and best friends from Coconino County (Flagstaff) Arizona. They are united by the desire to push each other in training and learn to embrace the suffering. Their motto: "Work hard.  Win easy.  Bang! Bang!"


Peak Run Performance is dedicated to helping athletes of all ages and abilities from all over the world to maximize their running potential at all distances and over all surfaces. The team of coaches, nutritionists, and medical professionals at Peak Run Performance are all multi-lingual athletes with diverse life and educational experiences. With their collective experience, they have created a community of runners from all over the world who are excelling at all distances and over all surfaces - from 5k to ultras and multi-day races. Take your training and racing to new heights by joining team Peak Run Performance.


Skyrunner USA is the new national series of the international Skyrunner federation. This series will inspire athletes to take on some of the toughest trail running challenges in the United States and experience world-class level events. #runsky


“Stars Above Ranch is more than just a piece of property. It’s the culmination of a lot of small ideas and dreams that my wife and i have had for awhile. I always tell people you don’t just show up out here one day, you actually have to be looking for us. I call this place my ‘Ranchita’ because it’s really only a 700 square foot cabin on 5 acres but it is our own little patch of Texas that we call home. It’s a simple way of living and it forces you to slow down. In a world that’s constantly moving and grooving it’s refreshing to get out in the middle of nowhere and just be. We’ve got a campground for guests and even a half mile trail that i run on a regular basis. Last year i started a ‘fatass’ race called stars above ultra loop. It is my way of giving back to the trail and ultrarunning community that i love so much!”


Team Ninja started simply with me helping a friend of a friend train for her first ultra marathon. Years later, it’s grown organically into an extended family of road runners, trail runners and obstacle course racers competing in distances from 5K to 100M. My coaching philosophy emphasizes balance and consistency to ensure a long and healthy running life. Come run with us!