Coconino/Jim Walmsley Collection

An ultrarunner from Flagstaff Arizona, Jim Walmsley has taken the trail running world by storm. Shattering records at pretty much every event that he's entered, Jim returns to Western States in 2017 seeking redemption after his first performance in 2016 where we was on a mission to break the course record. 

We are thrilled to create a custom collection for Jim and his fans that represent his roots with the Coconino Cowboys crew from Arizona. Click the button to check out the signature collection.

Alpenglow Collaboration

Alpenglow Sports is an original California Mountain Shop that has been providing locals and visitors with inspiration, local knowledge and the best equipment to enjoy the great outdoors for over thirty-seven years. Based in Tahoe City, Alpenglow Sports takes pride in being community-minded and socially and environmentally responsible to ensure Lake Tahoe stays one of the best places to play, visit, and live in California.

We're stoked to produce a signature shirt to commemorate our first collaboration with Alpenglow. Click the button to buy the signature shirt in early June.


Future Collaborations

We are looking for cool collaborations with athletes, artists and specialty stores. Interested in coming up with something awesome? Click the button below to drop us a line.