Carly Koerner

In design, as well as in life, I strive for simple. I rely on my own two hands and delight in discovery. I make humans. My passion is to create and to run in the woods through the nighttime.... Figuratively, I juggle in the circus and raise dragons. Literally, I live, work and run, with my people, here in beautiful Ashland, Oregon. 

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A designer from Sierra Leon West Africa, I was introduced to art through my dad who taught me to draw birds when I was a kid. Nature and outdoors-inspired I love creating animal and landscape designs today.

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An illustrator from the southwestern United States, I’m a perfectionist in basically everything I do, and especially in design. Even if it grates on some friends and family, it certainly improves my work quality! My work is heavily inspired by the work of Bill Waterson, and more recently by the work of Chris Ware, both acclaimed comic artists. 

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Maggie Tides

Having grown up in the Sierras, my heart is happiest in the mountains. I love the landscapes of California and Nevada - from the rugged high desert to the lush redwood forests. My mind thinks in maps and charts, influenced by my background in architecture. My art is inspired by small moments on the trail. 

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